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No more manual handovers, paperwork or miscommunication. Empower teams with digital clarity and streamline shift transitions with Shift Handover. Maintain continuity, elevate safety, improve efficiency and foster collaboration with seamless handovers in your business operations.

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Are you tired of struggling with a shift handover process that’s intensely manual, paper-based and often prone to miscommunication?

Do you wish for a solution that not only digitises your daily occurrence books but also enhances visibility, reduces time consumption and ensures nothing falls through the cracks? Look no further – our Cloud-Based Shift Handover System is here to revolutionise the way you manage shift transitions.

Avoid Miscommunication and Make Shift Handover More Efficient, Robust and Safe.


Streamline Handover

Streamline shift handovers, eliminating manual processes to save time and reduce human errors.

Remove Paper & Robust Record Management

Digitise your records, eliminating paper clutter and ensuring efficient, searchable and retrievable storage.

Review & Improve

Facilitate review and analysis of past shifts, enabling continuous improvement.

Increase Accountability & Auditability

Enhance transparency and accountability with a system that simplifies auditing processes.

Time Savings & Operational Efficiencies

Save valuable man hours by centralising and automating shift handovers.

Remote Access & Centralised Visiblity

Provide off-site teams with real-time visibility and access to critical shift information, ensuring no one is left in the dark.

Shift Collaboration

Take Control of Your Shift Handover Process Today!

Shift Handover can be comprehensive, robust and meet your needs…

  • Incident Tracking Made Simple to Improve Your Safety Record & Minimise Miscommunication
  • A Secure GDPR-compliant & Centralised Communication Handover Book
  • Attach supporting images and Documents to Events, Incidents, and Daily Occurrences
  • Prioritise and Log Status & Updates
  • Keep in the Loop, Monitor Events and Upcoming Priorities
  • Calendar Search to easily Switch Between Shift Reports
  • Track Shift Activities and User Updates
  • Configurable for Any Business Area & Customisable to Meet your Organisation’s Requirements
  • Export Shift Handover Report in pdf
  • Shift Handover Report Repository for Maintaining All Reports and Documents Centrally
  • Assign Responsible Users on Shifts with Audit Trail to Track Who Has Done What and When
  • Uncapped No. of Users for Limitless Collaboration and Communication Across Teams and Departments
  • Auditable Shift Leader Checks and Confirmations at Shift Changes
  • Capture Date, Time, Priority, Status, Supporting files, Notes and Updates against any shift handover record
  • Critical Systems, Escalations, Callouts, Security, Incidents, Events and Planned Events Logging

Why is Effective Shift Handover Important and What are The Key Benefits to Using Software?

The importance of shift handover aligns with a system’s role as a tool to enhance crucial shift transitions, ensuring continuity, safety, efficiency and collaboration.

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Continuity and Productivity

Effective shift handover, powered by a shift handover system, is vital for maintaining productivity and uninterrupted operations. Automation reduces transition time and minimises disruptions, enhancing efficiency and leading to higher productivity. By offering standardised templates and data inputs, a system significantly reduces the risk of errors and miscommunication, ensuring seamless operations with precise and reliable shift data.

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Safety and Accountability

An effective process enhances safety measures by conveying critical information, assigns responsibilities and fosters accountability among team members. A shift handover system facilitates clear and accurate communication of information and an audit trail, contributing to safety improvements and increased accountability.

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Improved Communication and Visibility

Effective shift handover streamlines communication, saves time and encourages collaboration between shifts and teams, promoting a culture of shared responsibility. A system reduces errors and fosters collaboration by providing a centralised platform and real-time communication between shifts. It ensures that all team members have access to critical information, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Who Needs a Shift Handover System?

Shift handover systems are indispensable for ensuring continuity, safety and efficiency in day-to-day operations. But who benefits most from adopting this technology and why?

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Large or Multi-Team Businesses

Businesses with extensive operational areas, large teams, or multiple teams that require seamless communication both within and between shifts benefit from a shift handover system. It streamlines communication, assigns responsibilities, and maintains visibility, ensuring efficient operations.

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Growing Businesses with Paper-Based Systems

Growing businesses still relying on paper-based systems can leverage a shift handover system to transition to digital operations seamlessly. This upgrade reduces inefficiencies, minimizes errors, and paves the way for scalable and efficient processes as the business expands.

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COMAH Sites and Complex Sectors

In COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards) sites and sectors with tightly-defined operating procedures, safety and compliance are paramount. A shift handover system ensures that crucial information is accurately shared, minimizing risks and enhancing safety measures.

Before and After Digitally Transforming Your Shift Handover Process

Is your shift handover Intensely Manual, Paper-Based, Never Reviewed, Time-Consuming and offers No Visibility Away from Site? Shift Handover System provides another way…

Your Manual Shift Handover Process:

Using Shift Handover System:

Intensely Manual: Time-consuming handwritten notes and documentation. Prone to human errors due to manual data entry. Streamlined Workflow: Processes are optimized for efficiency, reducing manual workloads and saving time. Minimised human errors through digital data entry.
Paper-Based: Shift information stored in physical paper logs. Cluttered paperwork, leading to inefficiency and difficulty in finding information. Digital Transformation: Shift information is digitized and stored electronically. Robust data storage and retrieval, eliminating paper clutter.
Never Reviewed: Historical shift data rarely revisited or analyzed. Missed opportunities to learn from past experiences and improve processes. Proactive Review and Analysis: Historical shift data is readily accessible and regularly reviewed. Insights from past shifts drive continuous improvement.
Time-Consuming: Shift handovers consumed significant employee hours. Manual processes led to inefficiencies and delays. Time Optimisation: Shift handovers become quicker and more efficient. Employee hours are saved, allowing for better resource allocation.
No Visibility Away from Site: Off-site teams had limited or no access to critical shift information. Lack of real-time updates left remote teams uninformed and disconnected. Enhanced Visibility: Off-site teams gain real-time access to critical shift information. Remote teams stay informed and connected, ensuring seamless operations.

What Do Our Clients Say?

“The team’s ability to develop our Daily Occurrence Book is brilliant! It is making it far easier to update and access our security information; they have visualised and automated this perfectly.”

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