Shift Handover is a product and brand of Target Information Systems Limited. We are committed to providing a quality product supported by robust compliance processes and policies and our ISO 27001 and ISO9001 accreditations, certificate number: FS 597609.

System and Data Security

Information Security covers information that is collected, analysed, stored and communicated, and Target is committed to operating an Information Security Policy that ensures risks are identified, managed and treated and that information is protected from a loss of:

• Confidentiality – information will be accessible only by authorised individuals
• Integrity – the accuracy and completeness of information is maintained
• Availability – information will be accessible to authorised individuals when required

It covers:
• Secure Development and Deployment Policy
• Access Control
• Backup Policy
• Business Continuity
• Change Management
• Encryption
• Access Control
• Information Handling
• Information Risk Assessment
• IT Usage Policy
• Password Policy

Please see Target’s Service Level Agreement to find details on data storage and hosting, back-ups, business continuity, the application stack as well as support services.

ISO Certifications

Target’s Information Security Management System operates to the 27001 standard, applicable to: the consultancy, development, maintenance, hosting and support of bespoke software, software products and software as a service.

Target operates ISO9001 QMS which complies with the ISO9001: 2015 for the following scope: provision of business process consultancy services, internet software applications and development services.

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